If your dog knows the names of more than 10 objects or toys and you are interested in cooperating with us, please fill up the application form.


Please note that we can only review applications that include a video filmed according to the instructions detailed below.




    Is there anything else you would like us to know about your dog?

    In order to assess your application, we kindly ask you to attach a video demonstrating your dog’s ability. Please follow these guidelines when filming the video:

    1. Place all the toys/ objects the dog knows on the floor.

    2. Place the camera at a low angle so that both the toys and the entrance to the room are visible. If you are using a mobile phone, please record the video horizontally.

    3. Step outside of the room so that the toys are outside of your view and from this position ask the dog to retrieve one toy at a time.

    4. Make sure that although we cannot see you in the video we can hear which toy you are asking for. You can also use a second video camera to record yourself outside of the room but this is not mandatory.

    5. Make sure that there are always at least 3 toys on the floor from which your dog can choose. This means that if your dog knows the names of only three toys you need to return the toy he/ she brought after each trial before you ask for the next one.

    If you have the video of your dog uploaded to a public website (such as YouTube or Facebook) please fill up the link here. If you do not have you’re video uploaded, please upload the video to WeTransfer and copy the link you receive here.


    Take a look at our YouTube channel, at the video: “test if your dog is smarter than Clever Hans” for more information about how to create the application video.

    Once you submitted the application you will receive an automatic confirmation email.
    The Genius Dog Challenge thank you for your participation and is looking forward to reviewing your application.